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                Product Centre

                Paper tubes

                Paper tube                                                                                                                                    

                Huisheng Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd.mainly produce industrial paper tubes and paper cone.All the paper tube is made by Huisheng's core board which has the characteristics of good straightness,high strength and stable quality.Can meet the requirements of various products winding,has been widely used in paper,film,aluminum foil,textile and other fields.                                                                                        

                The paper tube adhesive is made of formaldehydration-free starch paper tube adhesive.The products have passed the professional Puny test and reached the European Export Standard.The index of outside diameter,thickness,moisture and pressure fluctuates in a small range,and the weight is accurate and stable.Paper tube layer bonding is good,not delamination,good compressive  strength.                                                            

                Industrial paper tube production specifications of internal diameter 51-605mm,wall thickness 2-25mm,compressive strength 40-500kg and other industrial paper tube,a complete range.According to customer demand to provide fine cut different length of industrial paper tube,fully meet he needs of different industries of paper tube.        

                Paper cone adopts automatic production line,which can be formed into tubes at one time with high strength and full design and color.The surface roughness of the paper cone is uniform,no bubble,no folding,no delamination.Printing pattern is clear,smooth and round;Smooth end face,no cracking,degumming phenomenon;Even embossing,punch moderate.According to the needs of customers to provide custom made paper cones.

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