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                Packaging technology

                  Huisheng packaging technology co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of huisheng group co., LTD., is one of the leading manufacturers of high-grade paper tube in China.                                                                 The company specializes in the production of cylindrical thread paper tubes for paper making, plastic, textile, printing, tape and other industries, and can produce high-grade paper tubes with inner diameter of 40mm-350mm and wall thickness of 1mm-15mm.                                                                                          Through scientific management, advanced equipment and technology ,the company produce quality and full range of products.                                                                                                                             The Modern quality testing instruments and perfect quality management standards strictly control product quality to ensure product quality.                                                                                                             The employees have more than ten years of experience in the production of paper tube, with skilled reelpipe technology, producing products meeting different requirments of customers.                                     The company continues to increase the research and development of products, pursue diversification in product structure and function use, establish the brand image of products, and win the users' favor.               The continuous research and development of products, the continuous improvement of service quality, the continuous improvement of management and the continuous pursuit of the future will creat a more brilliant future for huisheng packaging co., LTD.                                                                                            Website: www.hspapertube.com

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